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Geopium: Geography and Opium (Geopolitics of drugs) Bilingual

Asian Costume Links

Asian Fashion

Dutch Portuguese Colonial History in Asia, etc.

Buddhist Digital Library and Museum - Asia Pacific Research Online [An Associate]

Asia Art Archive [A New Phase in Contemporary Art Documentation]

Asia House [London-based organization promotes appreciation and understanding of Asian countries, their cultures and economies]

Bastyr University programs in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

Directory of Asian American Theater [Many theatrical organizations, etc.]

Huntington Archive of Buddhist and Related Art

Notes on the War on Terrorism [Cast of Characters]

The Henna Page. The Encyclopedia of Henna [With some reference to Asia]

Crane House The Asia Institute, Inc. (Louisville, Kentucky)

A Visual Sourcebook of Chinese Civilization [Teach concepts with Images ]

Approaching Israel: A website introducing Israel and Jews to the
Chinese People

Antique Chinese Porcelain Collecting Website

Amnesty International China Page

Art Scene China [Contemporary Chinese art Gallery ]

Arthur Waley: biographical sketch

Beijing Scene

Bibliography of Photographic Books of China

CHIME, European Foundation for Chinese Music Research (China Information)

China Exploration and Research Society

China Links [An extensive collection of China related websites ]

China Yangtze River Cruise

Chinese Abacus

Chinese Buddhist Art

Chinese Cricket Culture [You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read this, if you don't have it installed in your computer, click here to download it. Be patient and enjoy!]

Chinese Cultures Abroad Directory

Chinese Culture on Chinese Matchbox Labels (For sale)

Chinese language and culture training center in New York

Chinese Society for the Study of Sexual Minorities

Chinese Theatre/Opera Circle

Classical Historiography for Chinese History

Confucian Classics [Texts in English and Chinese ]

Dragon Gate Palace [Feng Shui and Chinese Cultural Heritage]

Flavor & Fortune [Art & Science of Chinese Cuisine]

Fr. Manuel Teixeira: Interview with the Priest-Historian of Macau

Hong Kong Outdoors

Historical Chinese Postcard Project: 1896 - 1920

International Dunhuang Project

Learning Chinese Online

Marco Polo in China? Probably YES!

My Beijing Travel Guide

Old China Hands

Oldest Compound Machine Invented in China to work Jade

Oriented - Online community network for Taiwan's global professionals

Qingyunge Art Co. [Traditional art of Chinese paper cutting]

Renditions[Journal of Chinese Fiction in English Translation]

Rev. Pickens 1920s/1930s photographs of Muslims in China (at Harvard)

Chinese Restaurant Menu Collection, etc. of Harley Spiller

Réseau de la Chine Traditionnelle:

Seattle Chinese Garden

Sinologist Paul Pelliot Recalled by Denis Sinor [You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read this, if you don't have it installed in your computer, click here to download it. Be patient and enjoy!] [Daily news & Information from China]

Tales of Old China

Taoism and Taoist Sources and Confucianism

The Fossil Evidence for Human Evolution in China

The Peking Duck [An American expat blogger's take on things Chinese]

The Ricci Institute for Chinese-Western Cultural History

The Sino-Judaic Institute

The Yanghunzi vs. Shudaizi Cartoon [Modern China through the eyes of two language school chums]

Travel to Guilin China

Warring States Project [Classical Chinese texts and Schools 5th-3rd c. BCE] Guide to Japan for Visitors

Artelino [Commercial site for collectors]

Black Ships and Samurai [Perry and the Opening of Japan]

Fine contemporary and antique Japanese pottery directly from Japan

International Association of Japanese Gardens

Japan for the Uninvited [Slightly twisted articles about Japan and Japanese culture]

Japan Reference Page

Japanese Buddhist Sculpture, and A-to-Z Photo Dictionary of Japan's Buddhist Deities

Japanese Prints [A Guide to the Ukiyo-e Sites of the Internet]

JGarden: The Japanese Garden Database

Koryuen - for more appreciation of netsuke

Lella e Gianni Morra Fine Japanese Prints and Works of Art

Michi Online: Journal of Japanese Cultural Arts

Sennin Foundation Center for Japanese Cultural Arts

Schauwecker's Guide to Japan

Shoyu: The Flavor of Japan [Cultural History of Soy Sauce]

Let's travel in Japan ! [ Introduces Japan and Japanese Culture for Foreign Travelers ]

JapanVisitor's  extensive reviews of books about Japan

Hamel's Journal and Korea

Korean History Project

Life in Korea

A Better Chance Foundation [Scholarships for the Disadvantaged Students]

Aienla Project [Organization dedicated to the preservation of traditional tribal cultures of northeast India]

Animation Institutes Delhi [Animation Multimedia Degree Courses in India]


Francois B. Solvyns [Late 18th c. etchings of India and Indian costume]

Himal [South Asian magazine]

Hinduism Today

Indian Heritage

Jambudvipa - Indology and Sanskrit Studies

Kamat's Potpourri [History, Mystery, Diversity of India]

South Asia Directory

The Solvyns Project [Flemish artist Balthazar Solvyns prints of India]

Indology [INDOLOGY: Resources for Indological Scholarship]

International Campaign for Tibet

Latse Contemporary Tibetan Cultural Library [With database of many Tibetan publications]

Mechak Center for Contemporary Tibetan Art

Paljor Publications [Tibetological publisher and sole distributor of books published by the Library of Tibetan Archives at Dharamsala]

The Rimé Foundation [Non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist spirituality]

The Western Quest for "Secret Tibet" [Early Tibetologists]

Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center [An encyclopedic database of Himalayan literature and history]

Tibetan Cultural Region Directory

Tibet House [New York City]

Khandro Net [Tibetan Buddhism]

Buddhism of Russia [Buddhism in Buryatia and Asia and their many publications]

Bulletin of the Asia Institute

Center for the Study of Eurasian Nomads[Dedicated to carpets, textiles, Asian & tribal art]

Friends of the Desert

Gemstones of Afghanistan

Mongolian Culture [Vast information on everything Mongol from The Indo-Mongolian Society]

Nicholas Roerich Museum (and Publications)

Pax Mongolica

The Central Asia Pages [Muslim Central Asia]

The Nestorian Pages

Silkroad Foundation

Silk Road Seattle

The Silk Road Project

Uyghur American Association


Bali Folder [Guide to Bali and its Performing Arts] [Evolution of Buddhist thought presented on the ascending levels of Indonesia's famous pyramid-mountain]

Documentation Center of Cambodia [Memory and Justice]

Foundation for the People of Burma [Humanitarian Aid to Burmese people]

Friends Without a Border [Supporting the Angkor Hospital for Children]

Indonesian Links

Inside Indonesia

Khmer [Cambodian] Network

Guide to Angor/Khmer temples.  Excellent English speaking
(Asian Rare Books recommends him!). Can also provide custom
photography.  email:

Myanmar [Burma] Image Gallery

Pasar Malam L'Association Franco-Indonesienne

Acommodating Asia [let travellers' experiences be your guide]

Things Asian [Explore the cultures of Asaia]

Asia Point Network [The Gateway to the Asia-Pacific Region]

Fodors Travel Guides with Asian message board

Geographic Expeditions [Adventure travel in Asia]

High Asia Mountain Travel [Experts in Inner Asian Travel]

The Asian Trail [Work, travel, and adventure in Asia. Job listings too!]

Iranian Net from Europe

Arts of Asia Magazine

Asian Handicrafts/Furniture/Home Decor

Orientations Magazine [With extensive links to Asian Art dealers worldwide]

Archaeology Magazine [An Official Publication of the Archaeological Institute of America]

Persimmon: Asian Literature, Arts, and Culture

The Seattle Contemporary Review of Asian American Literature

Charles Boxer: Africans in Asia in the Sixteenth Century

Vermeer & Griggs On-Line Chinese Porcelain Gallery

Footprints Tours: Nepal, India, Tibet, Japan and the Silk Route Haiwei Trails Ltd. [Guided and independent travel through S.W. China and Tibet]  

Travel China Guide [Travel China Guide offers China travel information]  

Hotel Reservations in Asia [Compare Hotel Rates throughout Asia with 10 different Travel]  

Gallery Hoogenbosch [Asian and Tribal Art (in The Netherlands) ]  

Japan Cultural Society and Research Institute of Northeastern 

Pennsylvania Art Treasures Gallery (Hong Kong, Macau, China) - Wholesale antique Chinese furniture from the Ming and Qing dynasties 

The China Coast Gallery [Asian Art and Antiques and Appraisals, in Austin, Texas]  

Asian Absolute Ltd. [Chinese, Japanese and Asian Translation Services]  

Gangtey Palace Hotel [Situated in a scenic valley in Bhutan]  

The Asiatic Bazaar [South East Asiatic Art, antiques, Buddha specialized, treasures]  

Thai Essence [Classical & Traditional Thai Cooking with Handicrafts]  

Chinese Brush Painting [Available for purchase]  

Antique Alive [The Online Gallery of Korean Arts and Crafts]

Learning Chinese in Beijing

The Frontiers School [Dedicated to providing comprehensive mandarin
language programs to foreigners

Learn Chinese. Live Chinese lesson with professional Chinese teacher
[Live Chinese online instruction]

Learn Mandarin - Free online Chinese course with pinyin and esl 

Gallery Sakura
[Online gallery of Japanese Paintings]

Asian Tribal Art [David Howard Asian Tribal Artifacts]

Travelportal for China-travel

Lead To Asia (Translation and marketing for China, Japan and
the Asia Pacific Region)

ChinaVeo China Travel [Private individual China Tours]

Beijing Chinese Translation Company

China Oil Painting [The online oil paint art gallery]

China Reisen, China Urlaub, China Rundreise, China Hotels, China Flüge, Yangtse Kreuzfahrten

Beijing Trip [Beijing travel information, hotels, etc]

China Travel Guide

Chinese Language Learning

Learn Chinese [MasterChinese provides a new interactive method to learn Mandarin Chinese]

China Visa Application Service
[Free China visa application service]

Study in China [Bridge for students hoping to get education in China and universities in China]

Peter Oxley's photographs of Japan, Cambodia, and more

Learn Chinese Language [ Newsletter offers Chinese resources for children and adults ]

Ask Questions on Learning Chinese [ Ask questions and share answers related to Chinese language learning ]

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